About Us

Our team of educators are dedicated to improving early childhood education through the implementation of the Montessori philosophy. While we all arrived at Redwood Montessori School with very different experiences, the common bond between us is our genuine commitment to early childhood education. To work in education is our calling, not simply a job. We constantly strive to create a warm, nurturing, and engaging environment for our students’ academic, social, and emotional advancement.

We are further inspired by the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, and as such we work closely with our families to foster community engagement and development. We love our school, and take incredible pride in the fact that we are a part of this wonderful community.

This is who we are:

Jesse Parish, Director & Lead Primary Teacher
Jesse has over ten years of experience as a Montessori Educator.  She is genuinely passionate about education, and is excited for every day that she works with children.  Her strength in creative curriculum development and the ease in which she guides her classroom is something we all marvel at and admire!

Becca Byrne, Lead Toddlers-in-Transition Teacher
Laura’s dedication to the Montessori philosophy, and her warm and steady approach to toddler education is instrumental to our school’s Toddler-in-Transition program.  We consider any time spent by toddlers in Laura’s classroom a huge benefit for their school- and life-readiness.

Cassie Steele and Sarah Goldstein, Assistant Teachers
Cassie and Sarah play an integral role in the classroom by ensuring the classroom environment is prepared for our students and supporting our teachers’ work with children.

Jess Wetmore, Aftercare Program Teacher
Jess leads our Aftercare Program and supports our lead teachers.  Her love of working with children and her appreciation of the Montessori philosophy helps her to create a joyful environment within her program.

Aishwarya Kancharla and Daniel Turner, Administrators
Aishwarya and Dan’s mission is to provide a high quality educational environment for children and supportive community for families.